Kotlin for Backend.

Kotlin for Backend.

We have a lot of code experience to share as an Android developer using Kotlin or a Backend developer using Java.

When we talk about backend technologies, we have a lot of languages/frameworks like Go, Java, Python, etc. But when we talk about Kotlin as a backend language, it might raise a lot of eyebrows 🤨.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the what and why you should choose Kotlin as your next programming language.

We can break this blog into:

  1. What is Kotlin & can we really use it in the backend?
  2. Why you should consider Kotlin as your next backend language?

So, before any further due, let's start.

What is Kotlin?

As we all might be familiar with Kotlin as a first choice language for the Android app development world. It has been a go-to language for most devs around the globe for app development.

With Kotlin gaining enormous popularity, it was extended to build cross-platform apps for platforms like iOS, Web, and even Desktop. Yup, you read it right!!! and, I know what will be your next query now.

Can we really use it in the backend?

Ok, now the billion-dollar question? Can we use Kotlin for Backend? Or is Kotlin production ready?

The short answer is, Yes and absolutely Yes.

Why you should consider Kotlin as your next backend language?

Now, I am sure you would be asking this question as to yourself that why you should consider Kotlin in our backend ecosystem. For that, let me help you with this:

  1. Amazing features: Kotlin has a lot of amazing features to offer out of the box( like Null Safety, Lazy initializations, etc)
  2. Good community support: Since it's widely accepted by developers across the globe, it has a good community presence.
  3. Good tooling support: It is built by Jetbrains the brains behind IDE's like Android Studio, trust me, you will find one of the best tooling support.
  4. With the help of Coroutines, it helps to write asynchronous or non-blocking code.
  5. Framework support for Kotlin: We have a lot of frameworks to build robust, scalable apps like Ktor, Vertx, etc.
  6. If you have an existing Java project, Kotlin is interoperable with any java framework like Springboot.


In my opinion, if you are an Android developer or someone who is going to start learning to build backend apps, you should definitely consider trying Kotlin as a backend language.

PS: Kotlin has an easy learning curve as well :)

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